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Product Image B91 - Book Postmen At War

B91 - Book Postmen At War


A History of the Army Postal Services to 1945 by Colonel E.T. Vallance CBE ERD (Late RE), Preface, Footnotes, Maps and Tables By Captain S.C. Fenwick Msc MBA MInstRD. A4 size softbound book with 302 pages, copiously illustrated with maps and postal history.  

From the Helder Campaign till the end of WW2, via the Peninsular War, the Nile and Suakin, the Boer Wars, WW1 and the inter war years, this is an informative and highly readable book. The author Colonel ET Vallance CBE ERD, served with the Royal Engineers (Postal Section) (RE (PS)) throughout the Second World War. 42 Maps, by Capt. Fenwick, showing postal routes and Army Postal Services dispositions, in colour are included.

Cover picture is First Air Post (Folkestone – Koln 1919) by Terence Cuneo. The painting commemorates the pioneering international airmail service operated by the Royal Engineers (Postal Section) and the newly formed Royal Air Force in the aftermath of the First World War and depicts the loading of military mails onto an Airco de Havilland-9 bomber at Koln for the Folkestone-Koln airmail service. (Published by the kind permission of the Corps of Royal Engineers) Published and distributed by The Stuart Rossiter Trust